Learn how to use entrepreneurship to grow your church.

You are likely struggling with issues we see everyday – fewer worshipers, fewer volunteers, fewer dollars and less certainty…all leading to a general lack of hope.

Trying to Grow Your Church Can Be Frustrating & Overwhelming. You don’t have to do it alone. We help you create lasting momentum and unity for growth through a customized strategic growth process form-fitted to your congregation. You shouldn’t have to do it alone. Get an experienced guide with our signature, proven material today.


Your leaders will be united and excited


Your ministries will be aligned for growth


Your load will be lightened

The Church in the U.S. has been declining since the 1960’s.

Your church can be the exception.

Since 2009, the percentage of practicing Christians in the U.S. has dropped from 50% to 25%. You’ve probably experienced this firsthand.

  • As you know, people are less attracted to church. The “come-to-us” model isn’t as effective in our changing culture.
  • Church is no longer an essential institution. The pandemic changed people’s priorities and habits.

People are, however, more attracted to community and cause. “Live local” relationships and “make-a-difference” efforts are especially valued among younger generations.

Your church needs a plan to re-energize more of your people so that your neighbors meet Jesus where they live. When your church goes, Jesus’ Kingdom grows. Let us show you how.

Unite your congregation to create lasting growth through FiveTwo’s Strategic Growth Process

We help you create lasting unity by clarifying your congregation’s unique calling, equipping the right leaders to carry out your vision, and activating leaders at every level to grow your church.

Grow Your Church Through FiveTwo’s Proven Strategic Growth Process


Discover why your people call your church home & empower your leaders to live out their calling


Discern who Jesus wants you to reach for the sake of the future and how to unite your congregation around a compelling multi-year vision


Enlist entrepreneurial leaders and align existing ministries to carry out God’s vision for your future


Experience lasting growth with buy-in, clarity, and momentum

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More People Know Jesus

When more people meet Jesus, your church grows

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Clarity on who Jesus wants you to reach for the sake of the future
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Entrepreneurial leaders will become engaged and energized to help carry the load
A compelling 5-year vision with actionable milestones to get there
Your Church Can Grow Even In A Rapidly Changing Culture
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We know that as a pastor, it sometimes feels like you have to be everything to everyone. Counselor, preacher, meeting leader, conflict manager, vision setter, oh, and chief growth officer. That’s a whole lot of hats.

The FiveTwo Strategic Growth process lightens your load by involving your entire congregation from the very beginning. Our process creates lasting unity and momentum at all levels, minimizing conflict from day one. We want to be your trusted guide when it comes to growing your church. That’s why we walk with you every step of the way through our proven three-phase strategic growth process.

Many pastors feel like they don’t have the resources they need to grow their church. But they know if their church doesn’t grow, their future is at risk.

We believe God has placed the resources you need to grow in your congregation and community. You just need a guide and a customized plan that works.

Our team has grown healthy churches for over thirty years. We understand how to grow churches in creative new ways without burning out staff and lay leaders. We know how to identify, train, and activate lay leadership to help you carry the load.

And, thanks to the Lilly Endowment “Thriving Congregations Initiative” Grant and our special donors, if your church is in an underserved community or is under-resourced, you can still get our help!

Find Out How

When you start the FiveTwo Strategic Growth Process, you will quickly minimize conflict while creating buy-in, clarity, and momentum right out of the gate.

At the end of the process, you will feel confident Jesus has given you what you need to grow your church. Your calling will be clarified. Your leaders, equipped. And your people activated to use entrepreneurship to bless your community. All leading to lasting growth.

Isn’t it time your church started growing so that more people meet Jesus?

Get a guide and customized plan that creates lasting unity and momentum for growth.

We have helped grow churches since 2009

Our network is full of incredible ministries, non-profits, and kingdom businesses experiencing growth through reaching new people. Learn more.

Start Your Church On A Strategic Growth Path Today


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Brad Hubbard, Sr. Pastor
St. Lorenz Lutheran Church & School, Frankenmuth, MI
Before working with FiveTwo, we had a general understanding that God wanted us to share the gospel with people. The Strategic Growth Process provided a common language by distilling our values, vision, and mission and looking at our goals while considering our strengths and weaknesses. We feel much more unified in knowing where we’re headed.
Andrea Gerhard
St. Paul’s Decatur
FiveTwo helped us realize there are biblical ways to grow our church and that God has given us all the resources we need to do it. They understood our individual ministry context and helped us break out of structures that were holding us back and keeping us from growing.
Stennis Shotts
Hill Country Fellowship
We are motivated to grow the kingdom of God and it requires a clear vision, mission and set of values. I know I speak for our whole team when I say working with FiveTwo has been a real pleasure. We have made great progress over the past several months and are looking forward to the next steps.
Donna Shaw
Weakday Ministries
FiveTwo helped me confirm my calling and brought more clarity to the next steps. We feel prepared to scale our ministry and reach more people through the work we’ve done with FiveTwo.
Dan Schmidtke
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Basketball
It feels like I am getting reassurance from GOD that I am doing the right things. FiveTwo has given me knowledge to improve the organization of our ministry’s budget and define mission objectives I would highly recommend FiveTwo for anyone that is considering starting a ministry.
Mike Von Behren
Ten Talents Ministry LLC
Before engaging with FiveTwo I, along with leaders of our congregation, had a passion for connecting the gospel in a meaningful way to those in our community, but the ideas we were looking at were new and beyond any we had experienced. Through FiveTwo we were able to connect with other entrepreneurial church leaders, we gained ideas, learned from their experiences, and realized that God has given us more resources for this than we first thought.
Eric Creekmore
Hill Country Bible Church
As a church that has been active in planting multiplying churches for almost 3 decades, we are always looking for new tools to help us do that better. We started working with FiveTwo when we wanted to equip a co-vocational planter who to not only plant a church but to focus his business to accommodate ministry. FiveTwo gave us the online tools and in person coaching and facilitation we needed to plant, what was for us, a new model of church. I would highly recommend Five Two as a resource for equipping planters in this new season of church planting.
Rev. Dr. Kevin Wilson, President
Ohio District LCMS
The Ohio District LCMS brought FiveTwo on board to lead a series of four regional congregational summits. The summits were the key district initiative for this triennium, so it was important to work with an organization with a proven track record for these gatherings. FiveTwo met and exceeded our expectations. The summits were designed to help congregations that were stuck after the pandemic move forward in mission and ministry. Bill Woolsey helped churches understand their current health, gain insights about the current culture, and put together next steps for ministry. In the weeks after the summits we already have congregations more actively engaging in mission and ministry.
Eric Hawley, Site Leader
Trinity Lutheran Church – Galewood, IL
Maybe one of the greatest moments of success FiveTwo influenced was our Easter Egg Event we hosted at our site. Y’all helped us have an imagination of what hosting 100+ people could really be like. We put up signs, invited people, and we didn’t get 100 people. We had 250+ register! We were SHOCKED! We’ve never had that happen before. Regular members were saying things like…This is what Sunday could look like!
Tim Ahlman, Senior Pastor
Christ Greenfield – Gilbert, Arizona
I was struggling to train our entrepreneurial leaders to start their own ministries. Because of our congregation’s debt situation, it was still imperative that we empower our lay leaders to start new ministries, that they “own,” to reach the lost. In FiveTwo, we found a willing and gifted partner in fanning into flame the dreams of our lay leaders.
Mike Von Behren
Holy Cross Lutheran Church – Spokane, Washington
If you have a heart for reaching the lost and just need encouragement and wisdom for starting, FiveTwo is the place to find it.
Strategic Growth Process FAQ’s
How much does this cost?

That’s the million-dollar question. Ha. Ha. Just kidding. Seriously, because we customize our approach to the unique needs of your church, our price structures vary. Contact us so we can better understand your needs.

I’ve already got too much on my plate. I can’t see how I can add another thing. How much time do I need to spend on this?

So, maybe you need a larger plate? Or one of those divided cafeteria ones from elementary school? Or, someone who can help you clear your plate every so often? I think that last option is best. As the senior leader, you get a weekly 30-minute coaching session to help you navigate through the change. That session is designed to lighten your load, strategize, and basically assure you you have a friend who has your back. We also help you recruit your leaders and give you plug ‘n play templates and materials. Once the process gets underway, you and your steering team will spend an hour every other week. You’ll have about five days of events over the course of eight months where your presence is necessary. Your coach will guide you every step of the way.

You use entrepreneurship to grow churches? That sounds expensive and time-consuming and really, really chaotic. How’s that going to help?

Hey, don’t diss entrepreneurs. We come from a long line of starters. Plus, who doesn’t like Shark Tank and Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. Ok. I’ll stop. Here’s a secret: entrepreneurs know how to create growth. And when led well, they create growth that reaches new people. We know how to find those “Mark Cuban” types. We’ll help you find them. We promise: your staff won’t have to lead new things. You won’t have to, either.

What makes this different from other multi-year plans out there?

Well, mainly because we’re different. Not weirdly different. Just different in that we don’t come in with a pre-packaged answer and tell you what you should do. We form fit the process to your congregation and context. You get one coach the entire engagement. And, our customer success director works directly with a detail-oriented person on your staff to make sure you stay on track and that nothing falls through the cracks. At the end of the day, this isn’t a three-ring binder with a fancy cover that sits on the shelf collecting dust. Using our proven, signature process, we build lasting unity and momentum from day one.

What all do I get?

A whole boatload of goodies!

  • Unity and momentum at all levels minimizing conflict from day one. You will have mission alignment for your ministry departments, engaged and energized entrepreneurial leaders, and clarity on your core values.
  • An adjunct strategic growth staff person. A seasoned and experienced leader who has been where you are, who will walk alongside you and provide strategic coaching.
  • A year of pastoral development. Weekly coaching with a pastor who has been in the trenches. You bring the issues and set the agenda. Think older, battle-scarred Rev. who doesn’t tell too many war stories.
  • All the training you need! Four (4) in-person, on-site training events activating leaders at all levels. These create the unity and momentum needed for change, that capitalizes on the pieces you already have in the basket AND gets new people in the game.
    • “Clarify Our Calling” all-leaders workshop
    • StartNew Bootcamp for steering team
    • 5-year Vision Planning Retreat for leadership
    • StartNew Bootcamp for existing and new teams/ministries
  • An entire support team. From strategic planning to donor issues to communication strategies, we’re here to share best practices and plans that we’ve seen work. You avoid others’ mistakes. What you receive includes:
    • FiveTwo Customer Success Director to meet monthly with your communications coordinator.
    • Entire project plan in Asana.
    • Plug-n-play emails, announcements, communication, and survey questions. This minimizes what you have to create.
    • Step-by-step process for finding new leaders.
    • Digital handouts for all events.
    • Congregational values and vision survey.
  • Clear, concise, and compelling values and vision for your church. Generated by the people of your congregation and shaped by staff and leadership.
  • A one-page description of your ministry that’s memorable and useable by everyone.
  • A 5-year plan for how to arrive at the future Jesus is calling you into. This doesn’t sit on a shelf but is lived out by your congregation. It contains actionable milestones to get where He wants you to go.
  • Full access to our StartNewTraining.com site. 12 modules and 52+ videos and pdfs for any person thinking of starting a new ministry.

Sounds like a lot??? It is.

Do you have a one-day option that will still bring growth?

We’re so glad you asked. Because yes, we do!

The one-day, in-person Clarify Our Calling All-Leaders Workshop jumpstarts your journey towards great clarity and momentum for growth. We gather every single leader (and anyone who considers themselves a leader) in one room from 9am – 3pm on the Saturday of your choosing. First leaders will go through a proven process to discover the unique calling Jesus has placed on their life. This makes them feel poured into and valued. Then, you will hear from God through your leaders about the future direction of your church. You don’t have to do everything they suggest but doing this creates buy-in for future change because you’re sincerely asking the leaders thoughts and ideas.

The best part?

You provide the space and food and we do everything else. Truly. From PR copy to facilitating the workshop to what to send people after the workshop. Everything. Click here to learn more.
Will this help me disciple my congregation?

Hmmm. Let me see. Disciple-making involves going. Adults learn when they feel a need to. By taking your congregation on a mission-focused journey in reaching their community, involving them in exercises that clarify their calling, and inviting them into new expressions of ministry, I’m thinking you’ll be doing a whole lot of discipling in the months ahead. Think Jesus sending out the 12 and the 72. A giant real-life object lesson.

Will this help me grow the church?

If reaching new people in your community in new ways equals growth, then yes. If building relationships with new people so they discover the power of Christian community, then yes. If taking Jesus to people rather than waiting for them to come to you to meet Him, then yes.
Every church we’ve worked with has experienced an increase in engagement from their people. In short, their people are energized for a new season of ministry. They can’t help but talk about what God is doing in their congregation.

Isn’t FiveTwo all about starting new ministries?

That’s our history, for sure. We’ve helped launch and relaunch over 100 churches, ministries, non-profits, even for-profits since 2015. But our secret sauce is found in our name. Well, actually, in where our name comes from. Mark 6, the feeding of the 5000. How Jesus fed the crowd with food from the crowd. The Church (those initial 12 guys) didn’t have the resources to feed the 8000+. Jesus multiplied the little that was there. So, too, today with your congregation. By helping congregations discover the resources Jesus has placed in them and in their communities, and by leaning into a new direction built on their past but embracing the future, churches start a new season.

Will this increase the generosity of our church?

A wise church man once told me, “Money flows to vision. Especially a God-vision.” While we can’t guarantee an immediate increase in donations, we have seen that when both the leadership and the people are clear in their calling and act on that calling, people treasure what God is doing through their Church. And where your treasure is…

Are you the type of person who is ready to start something new?
Take the self-assessment quiz now!


We’re looking for people – Pioneers – from all walks of life who will GO … START NEW … LEAD ministries and businesses with Kingdom impact.

This simple quiz is a powerful tool to help you see if YOU are a Pioneer.

The quiz may tell you something new; often it confirms what you suspected all along: you are a Pioneer!

It takes just a minute or two to answer the 7 simple questions.


  • Are you a starter?
    Have you ever started a Bible study, business, neighborhood group, sports team?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Are you the kind of person who likes to be out and about?
    Do you enjoy different environments, settings and cultures?
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  • Do you often find yourself discontented with the status quo?
    Have you changed jobs frequently? Are you dissatisfied with the ways things currently are?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Do you like exploring new things?
    Do you like to meet new people? Do you always seem to be one of the first with a new phone? Do you embrace new ideas or concepts or technologies?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Are you a problem solver?
    Are you undaunted by chaos or uncertainty? Do you look for solutions rather than being overwhelmed by problems?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Do your friends think you’re opinionated?
    Are you a passionate person, perhaps even overpowering sometimes? Are you winsome and able to convince others of your point of view?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Are you the kind of person who likes to take charge?
    Do you like responsibility? Would you rather design your own program than follow someone else’s?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Get Your Quiz Results Now … See What’s Next!

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