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Our Story

Our name is inspired by Mark 6, the feeding of the 5,000.
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Our name flows from our founding story. In 2009 our Founder, Bill Woolsey, gathered 12 church planters together in Katy, TX, outside of Houston. Everyone came from multi-ethnic, suburban, rural, and inner-city backgrounds. Bill brought in a friend to facilitate the multi-day conversation.

The group didn’t know what they were going to start but they knew they had to do something. The larger church body many of the planters belonged to was on a downward decline. Leaders of the denomination had cast vision but had no strategy to achieve it. Lots of dollars and time were going to overseas efforts but no one was focusing on the neighbor next door. Nearly everyone at the table had experienced being pushed by people to do edgy things and then being pushed away by those very same people because they were TOO edgy.

But everyone gathered there was successfully reaching their communities and had seen Jesus’ miraculous provision over and over again throughout their ministries. They knew there had to be a way to help others do and see the same.

To get the juices flowing, the group’s facilitator took them to Mark 6, the story of the feeding of the 5000. The group noticed a number of things.

Both times Jesus speaks, it’s a command.

When disciples tell him the crowd is hungry and to send them home, Jesus says: “You give them something to eat.” He commands generosity, holding them accountable for the well-being of crowd.

When the disciples tell him feeding them will cost too much, that there are not enough resources to feed 5000+ people, Jesus responds with: “How many loaves and fish do you have? Go and see.” He commands them to go into the crowd/community and discover the resources He has already put there.

So, they do, and they find the little boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish and “appropriate” his food in order to accomplish their ministry.

This became our founding group’s “aha!”: everything you need to reach the community is in the community if you will but go and see, then bring it back to Jesus for blessing!

After that they chose the name FiveTwo, bought the url and were off to the races.

The FiveTwo Mission

People are less attracted to church. The “come-to-us” model isn’t as effective in our changing culture. People are, however, more attracted to community and cause. “Live local” relationships and “make-a-difference” efforts are especially valued among younger generations.

We need two-way bridges from Church to culture for people to meet Jesus. We need to activate churches and faith-based ventures to bring the church outside the church walls so more people meet Jesus where they live.

Clarify, equip,
and activate
to go
Launch more
ventures with
local church
More people
know Jesus
Jesus’s Church
grows, local
communities are
Our Process

Many pastors feel like they don’t have the resources they need to grow their church. But they know if their church doesn’t grow, its very future is at risk. We believe you already have the resources you need to grow. You just need a guide and a customized plan that works. The FiveTwo Strategic Growth Process lightens your load by involving your entire congregation from the very beginning. Our process creates lasting unity and momentum at all levels, minimizing conflict from day one. We want to be your trusted guide when it comes to growing your church. That’s why we walk with you every step of the way through our proven three-phase strategic growth process.

Step 1:
How We Clarify Your Organization for Unity

Although we provide customized coaching, it always starts with getting clear on your core values.

Determine Values and Vision
  • Assemble Steering Team
  • Who is Jesus calling you to serve?
Create Buy-In
  • Engage Key Leaders
  • Realign and focus ministries
Solicit Feedback
  • Members at every level give input
  • Share results
Step 2:
How We Equip Organizations to Live Out Their Calling
When organizations equip the right leaders to live out their calling, organizations grow and more people will know Jesus.
To Reach
To Reach Them
Roll out
Values, Vision, Strategy
Step 3:
How we Activate Organizations For Growth

Our collective experience as coaches, entrepreneurs, and church leaders have helped us to gather and organize exactly what faith-based organizations need to align and unite new and existing ministries for growth.

What’s Important to You
Get clarity on your core values
The Future You Want to See
Create a compelling 5-year vision with actionable milestones to get there
Expertise for Your Development
Access our StartNew Training platform to equip your leaders to build, fund, and launch new ministries
Feel confident Jesus has given you what you need to grow your church. Clarify your calling. Equip your leaders. And activate your people to use entrepreneurship to bless your community. All leading to lasting growth.

Our Network

Looking to connect with someone who is transforming their community and introducing people to Jesus in a really creative way? Our network is full of incredible ministries, non-profits, and kingdom businesses from a sex-trafficking ministry to a 150+ year-old church experiencing growth through reaching new people. Explore below.

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Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Please get in touch!
Our Team

We’re a team with diverse and extensive ministry experience and we’re passionate about helping your church or nonprofit reimagine their future in a rapidly changing culture. We’re ready to walk alongside you, providing the personalized training and coaching you need to unite your church for growth.

Bill Woolsey
Bill Woolsey
Austin, Texas
With decades of experience in starting and leading ministries, churches and networks, Bill now invests his life in men and women who want to reach people for Jesus in new, creative ways. After serving congregations in the Midwest, he and his family...
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor
Director of Operations
Phoenix, Arizona
Abigail oversees all of the Operations at FiveTwo with the support of a fantastic team. She loves matching people's strengths to roles and watching them succeed. Abigail and her husband Nick reside in Buckeye, Arizona and homeschool their three sons, Ezra, Elisha,...
Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander
Development Director
Houston, Texas
Jonathan develops relationships and oversees fundraising efforts for FiveTwo. He has been involved in various forms of ministry for over 20 years, including running a nonprofit for over 5 years, traveling and sharing the Gospel, and loving those He encounters in everyday...
Brenda Christman
Brenda Christman
Executive / Ops Assistant
Denver, Colorado
Brenda works to keep things humming in the background at FiveTwo.  Whatever needs doing – from operational support to event planning to marketing to data management. Brenda has many, many, many (too many) years of experience in the corporate world and now...
Michael Nowicki
Michael Nowicki
Learning Communities Director
Orlando, Florida
Michael graduated from Concordia Milwaukee in 1983. For the next 17 years, he worked as a Professional Educator, Coach, Athletic Director, and Youth Director. . Starting in 2000, he began a career with a major financial institution. During those 20 years, he...
Julie Judman
Julie Judman
Digital Communications Director
Houston, Texas
Julie builds digital engagement across our amazing network, coordinates our digital campaigns, and manages other engagement initiatives. She loves connecting with people who are passionate about FiveTwo's unique ministry. Julie and her husband, Josh, have two children, Heidi (10) and Jackson (8)....
Derrick Hurst
Derrick Hurst
Church Partnership Director | Certified FiveTwo Catalyst
Galena, Ohio
Derrick has been a church planter, associate pastor, sole pastor and senior pastor in his 20+ years in ministry. Each of these roles have shaped a robust understanding of the dynamics of church leadership. Derrick creates environments filled with excitement for what...
Randy Miller
Randy Miller
National Catalyst Director
Houston, Texas
Randy provides a depth of insight that makes an organization of any size and complexity more effective in their mission.  Randy has demonstrated experience in values discovery, strategic planning, donor engagement, startup sustainability and community transformation. He is certified in the latest...
Meranda Gfroerer
Meranda Gfroerer
Customer Success Representative
Houston, Texas
Meranda is a graduate of Texas A&M University at College Station and holds a Master of Education. Meranda most recently worked as an English teacher and team leader at Cypress Woods High School. In this role she led a team of eight...
Tina Jasion
Tina Jasion
Baltimore, Maryland
Passionate about moving ministry ideas into fruitful action, Tina founded the Faithful Innovation coaching practice in 2014 and podcast in 2018. She holds an ACC credential with the ICF. Tina came to the Christian faith in her mid-20’s. While raising a family,...
Mike Mast
Mike Mast
Bradenton, Florida
Mike is a certified coach, specializing in helping individuals and teams start new ministries, clarify direction, and move them forward in the area of their God-given passion. “I help make people’s God-given dreams come to life,” says Mike. He served for 12...
Larry Rietz
Larry Rietz
Austin, Texas
With 28 years of experience as a senior executive (vice president) for a Fortune 100 company, Larry comes with a strong background in management, information acquisitions, customer service, team building, and communication. He was responsible for launching new stores, creating strategies, and revitalizing underperforming locations. He...
Jorge Silva
Jorge Silva
Fontana, California
Jorge Silva is a global entrepreneur, educator, coach, and mentor with over 30 years of global experience in companies ranging from non-profits to start-ups to Fortune 100 in multiple industries. Currently, he divides his time between teaching entrepreneurship classes to university students,...
Meet Our Board

Meet the visionary leaders who hone the strategic direction for FiveTwo. They come from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of locations. Yet they share a common passion for Christ and burden for making Him known through new, creative ministries and businesses.

Bill Woolsey
Bill Woolsey
Austin, Texas
With decades of experience in starting and leading ministries, churches and networks, Bill now invests his life in men and women who want to reach people for Jesus in new, creative ways. After serving congregations in the Midwest, he and his family...
Rob Goodwin
Rob Goodwin
Decatur, Illinois
Rob Goodwin is Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Decatur, Illinois. St. Paul’s is a growing church trying new things to reach new people for Jesus. Previously, Rob worked in the business world for 15 years and was a partner...
Tanya Skilton
Tanya Skilton
Detroit, Michigan
Tanya Skilton is Director of Procurement and Supply Chain for BrightDrop, a General Motors Company. Prior to joining BrightDrop, Tanya grew GM’s first Smart Cities enabling software service from concept to MVP, with funding to launch commercially in 2022. Tanya’s time at...
Doug Allen
Doug Allen
Houston, Texas
Doug Allen is currently the Group Vice President of Customer Success at Oracle/NetSuite.  NetSuite is one of the largest Global, Cloud-based, ERP Software vendors.  He is directly responsible for the 130-person Services Sales teams, who support the Software sales team, and the...
Bob Carson
Bob Carson
Detroit, Michigan
Bob Carson is General Manager for Metro Engineering Solutions (MES) responsible for the Electric & Gas service platforms.  Bob manages daily operation, P&L, talent acquisition, and business development for approximately 70% of MES' total business. Bob has run lawncare and painting companies,...
Kerry Nicholas
Kerry Nicholas
Houston, Texas
Kerry Nicholas works for an independent energy company and her 30-year professional career has encompassed experience as a Certified Public Accountant and Small Business Owner. Kerry has also worked in auditing, offshore operations, and Human Resources at multiple services companies.  She has...

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