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Clarify, Equip & Activate Your Unique Calling

We are a network of Christian leaders who use entrepreneurship to create eternal impact in communities.


Gain Confidence And Clarity

To Live Out Your Calling


Utilize Entrepreneurship

To Impact Your Community


Leverage Your Unique Gifting

To Advance The Kingdom

Stop Feeling Stuck.

Learn How to Activate Your Call to Create.

How much happier would you be if you were living out the call on your life? How many times have you let that idea for a new ministry or organization slip to the bottom of the list because you don’t know how to launch it? How many hours have you wasted in work that wasn’t fulfilling?

If you know you were called to create a new ministry, nonprofit or organization that can transform your community, it’s time to get out of the gate.

It’s easy to leapfrog over your local community and go overseas to build a well, but then come home and your neighbor’s still going to hell.

It’s time to start something new.

Our coaches guide you through clarifying, equipping, and activating the call on your life to become a sacred starter. When you live out your calling, more people will know Jesus.

Claim Your Calling Through the Proven FiveTwo Process

Clarify Your Calling

Learn what it means to be a sacred starter & assess your gifts and talents.

Equip Your Callling

Get connected with a network of mentors, peer-to-peer events, and gain access to valuable resources.

Activate Your Calling

A coach guides you through everything you need to build and fund your faith-based venture.

Launch Your Faith-Based Venture

You’re ready to launch and help transform your community.

More People Know Jesus

When you answer the call to become a sacred starter, more people will know Jesus and your local community will be transformed.

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Transform Your Life Mission Into a New Ministry or Venture
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At FiveTwo, we know that you have a calling to transform your community. In order to do that, you need to be equipped to use entrepreneurship and become a sacred starter.

The problem is, you don’t know how to leverage entrepreneurship and you lack the clarity and confidence you need to move forward into your calling.

Christians who are called to be sacred starters deserve the training and support they need to clarify, equip, and activate their calling.

We get it. Our coaches have started healthy churches, multiple ministries, and businesses. It is transformational to understand and activate your calling. Since 2009, we’ve activated thousands of sacred starters just like you.


Isn’t it time more people know Jesus?

Stop feeling stuck, and instead, get exactly what you need to activate your calling and transform your local community.

Our Coaches Have Helped Launch and Scale Faith-Based Ventures Since 2009

FiveTwo is a network that equips Christians with the entrepreneurial skills they need to start 1,000 new community-focused, faith-based ventures by 2030.

Become The Leader God Created You To Be In Three Simple Steps


Book a strategy session


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Live out your calling as a sacred starter

We help thousands of missional innovators just like you

Stennis Shotts
Hill Country Fellowship
We are motivated to grow the kingdom of God and it requires a clear vision, mission and set of values. I know I speak for our whole team when I say working with FiveTwo has been a real pleasure. We have made great progress over the past several months and are looking forward to the next steps.
Donna Shaw
Weakday Ministries
FiveTwo helped me confirm my calling and brought more clarity to the next steps. We feel prepared to scale our ministry and reach more people through the work we’ve done with FiveTwo.
Dan Schmidtke
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Basketball
It feels like I am getting reassurance from GOD that I am doing the right things. FiveTwo has given me knowledge to improve the organization of our ministry’s budget and define mission objectives I would highly recommend FiveTwo for anyone that is considering starting a ministry.
Mike Von Behren
Ten Talents Ministry LLC
Before engaging with FiveTwo I, along with leaders of our congregation, had a passion for connecting the gospel in a meaningful way to those in our community, but the ideas we were looking at were new and beyond any we had experienced. Through FiveTwo we were able to connect with other entrepreneurial church leaders, we gained ideas, learned from their experiences, and realized that God has given us more resources for this than we first thought.
Adam Peck
Jenison Serve
Before working with FiveTwo, we were stuck and lacked the confidence to move forward. But, with FiveTwo, we had the accountability and encouragement of regular coaching. We were offered a variety of approaches to help us take steps forward. We learned how to ask good questions so that we had content upon which to make decisions. We’ve now intentionally tested a variety of hypotheses and have been able to learn and pivot.
Eric Creekmore
Hill Country Bible Church
As a church that has been active in planting multiplying churches for almost 3 decades, we are always looking for new tools to help us do that better. We started working with FiveTwo when we wanted to equip a co-vocational planter who to not only plant a church but to focus his business to accommodate ministry. FiveTwo gave us the online tools and in person coaching and facilitation we needed to plant, what was for us, a new model of church. I would highly recommend Five Two as a resource for equipping planters in this new season of church planting.

Are you the type of person who is ready to start something new?
Take the self-assessment quiz now!


We’re looking for people – Pioneers – from all walks of life who will GO … START NEW … LEAD ministries and businesses with Kingdom impact.

This simple quiz is a powerful tool to help you see if YOU are a Pioneer.

The quiz may tell you something new; often it confirms what you suspected all along: you are a Pioneer!

It takes just a minute or two to answer the 7 simple questions.


  • Are you a starter?
    Have you ever started a Bible study, business, neighborhood group, sports team?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Are you the kind of person who likes to be out and about?
    Do you enjoy different environments, settings and cultures?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Do you often find yourself discontented with the status quo?
    Have you changed jobs frequently? Are you dissatisfied with the ways things currently are?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Do you like exploring new things?
    Do you like to meet new people? Do you always seem to be one of the first with a new phone? Do you embrace new ideas or concepts or technologies?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Are you a problem solver?
    Are you undaunted by chaos or uncertainty? Do you look for solutions rather than being overwhelmed by problems?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Do your friends think you’re opinionated?
    Are you a passionate person, perhaps even overpowering sometimes? Are you winsome and able to convince others of your point of view?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
  • Are you the kind of person who likes to take charge?
    Do you like responsibility? Would you rather design your own program than follow someone else’s?
    *Pick a number from 1 to 7, 1 meaning "Not a trait" and 7 "Most definitely a trait"
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