The Success of Flexible Business Ventures During Times of Change


1. Leadership is the missing piece for new ventures. 

There is no shortage of ideas. It’s not even about the resources. Many times, we’ve seen ministries and businesses launch powerfully simply because of strong leadership.

FiveTwo works to encourage leaders — literally “pour courage in” — because we believe it lightens up the uphill battle that is leadership. This is our end game. 

A leader can recruit a powerful team when he or she is —

  1. Clear on cause. Not everyone will be on board with your passion. Use great tools to help discern the very best team members to complement the team’s style and passion. 
  2. Clear on passion. Whom do you want to serve? Keep answering this question over and over!
  3. Clear on vision. Paint a clear picture of your dream. 

And for leaders who think they don’t need a team — nobody goes it alone. Every connection has value and can help you on your mission. 

CLICK TO TWEET Even solopreneurs need partnerships. Remember, every connection is a win-win. 

2. FiveTwo exists to equip Christian men and women to start ventures that HELP. 

FiveTwo looks for individuals who are entrepreneurial — or “go and do” — minded, with a heart of compassion. Next, they walk through the self-paced process of StartNew Training, which skillfully walks leaders through the three essential pillars of Build, Fund, and Launch

The mission of FiveTwo is not to do business with a sprinkle of Jesus.
Nor is it the goal to create in-your-face ministries that don’t actually serve the community.

Rather, we train leaders to understand the importance of Christ in their venture and learn how to articulate Him in relatable ways to the individuals being served by your faith-based business or ministry.  

Statistically, we know that people are less and less likely to meet Jesus during a Sunday morning experience since church attendance is waning. Instead, the key is to meet people right where they’re experiencing a need. 

Ready for more? Launch your venture with the StartNew Incubator for nonprofits and faith-based businesses.

3. Instead of the attraction model that draws people into church for a faith experience, FiveTwo ventures bring Jesus to the people in original, flexible ways. 

To remove the barriers to God, FiveTwo helps leaders find ways to bring Jesus close to home. Whether it’s supporting online churches that serve people who are still sheltering in place or encouraging online connections as an alternative to in-person connecting, we help leaders solve the problems of our generation in creative ways

One way to continue attracting is to be flexible as you continue your faith-based venture. What was your original passion?


The FiveTwo framework helps leaders to stay focused on the original mission for their venture. For instance, if your passion was to introduce people to Jesus by opening a dance hall, don’t worry about the visitors or doing the two-step or the cha-cha. The mission is still being fulfilled, it just might look different than your original plan! A successful venture uses a flexible model and can adapt the means as necessary, but is loyal to the original vision. 

Applying this philosophy to faith-based small businesses and ministries who are still learning to live in the times of COVID is essential: stay focused on your mission. The vision can (and should!) remain the same, but the means to the end will need to be adjusted accordingly. 

CLICK TO TWEET In any startup or ministry, spend a lot of time determining exactly whom you’re serving. Who are you trying to reach? And then ask — is the way you’re doing it the very best way? 


If you want to learn more about building, funding, and launching your venture, check out our StartNew Course. Throughout the self-paced training, you’ll hear from our StartNew founder, Bill Woolsey, and other seasoned leaders on the power of collaborations, how to fundraise for your venture, and how to plan your launch steps. 


FiveTwo clarifies, equips & activates the calling of Christians who will launch faith-based startups that bring the presence of Jesus into their communities. 

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