Our team brings a deep desire to turn your God-given dream into a ministry or business that lasts. With a variety of startup skills and background, we will walk alongside of you, providing exceptional startup training, coaching, and support. Together we will navigate the challenges of starting new, watching your dream come to life.


Our trainers and coaches have all been a part of startup teams, both faith-based and secular. Their life experience spans corporate America to mom and pop businesses, urban churches to fast-growing suburban church plants.


Our coaches are especially qualified to help your startup move to sustainability. In addition to being trained in our unique StartNew process, FiveTwo coaches have completed in-depth coach training through CoachNet and meet monthly as a group to sharpen their coaching skills. Teams in StartNew consistently give them rave reviews.

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190122 Fivetwo Bill Woolsey

Bill Woolsey

Founder & President
Austin, Texas

With decades of experience in starting and leading ministries, churches and networks, Bill now invests his life in men and women who want to reach people for Jesus in new, creative ways. After serving congregations in the Midwest, he and his family...

190306 Fivetwo Amy B

Amy Blythe

Trenton, Michigan

Amy Blythe is an Assistant Vice President in software development for Comerica Bank. She’s worked as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Technical Writer, Communication Director, and Marketing Specialist. Throughout her career she has helped s...

190306 Fivetwo Randy Miller

Randy Miller

Houston, Texas

Randy brings broad experience and a depth of insight to help any group and organization achieve their goals.  He creates an environment that helps teams to unleash passionate vision as well as guides them to develop tangible steps to realize that...



Kimberly Pic

Kimberly Becker


As a visionary, Kimberly loves being a part of empowering men and women through coaching to be the best they can be. Kimberly is an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF, the visionary and director of a God-given dream that became a reality when she started...

190312 Fivetwo Oscar Benavides

Oscar Benavides

Dallas, Texas

Oscar came to FiveTwo in 2017 with vast experience in both churches and non-profits. His first ministry start was at age 19 when he launched a street evangelism ministry and four years later a door to door evangelism ministry for low-income Latino families...

Tina Jasion Pic

Tina Jasion

Baltimore, Maryland

Passionate about moving ministry ideas into fruitful action, Tina founded the Faithful Innovation coaching practice in 2014 and podcast in 2018. She holds an ACC credential with the ICF. Tina came to Christian faith in her mid-20’s. While r...

Heidi Klein Pic

Heidi Kleine


Seeking to accompany clients who aspire to live into their calling and share their God-given gifts with the world, Heidi began her life and leadership coaching practice in 2012. Through her coaching, writing, and speaking, she focused on helping women...

Dust Kunkel Pic

Dust Kunkel

Portland, Oregon

Dust Kunkel holds an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and is a certified debriefer for Harrison Assessments, with a Masters in Experiential/Outdoor Education from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. "Coaching is how I...

Mike Mast Pic

Mike Mast

Bradenton, Florida

Mike is a certified coach, specializing in helping individuals and teams start new ministries. “I help make people’s God-given dreams come to life,” says Mike. He served for 12 years on staff with his denomination, helping direct their “New Starts…New Believe...

Craig Mattes Pic

Craig Mattes

Chicago, Illinois

A trained coach currently in the Associate Certified Coach process, Craig has coached leaders for over 14 years. During that time, he also launched several new ministries —small groups, coffee houses, concert series, leadership gatherings, etc. – whi...

Jon Muhly Pic

Jon Muhly

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Jon Muhly has served as a coach since 2014.  Initially as a missionary in Russia & Central Asia, coaching was an invaluable tool to help in strategic planning with local church leaders and deployed mission staff—including starting church planting e...

Larry Rietz Pic

Larry Rietz

Austin, Texas

With 28 years of senior executive experience for a Fortune 100 company, Larry comes with extensive management, leadership development, revitalization, and communication expertise. He maximized results through comprehensive people development, utilizing the...

Jorge Silva Pic 2

Jorge Silva

Fontana, California

Jorge Silva is a global entrepreneur, educator, coach, and mentor with over 30 years of global experience in companies ranging from non-profits to start-ups to Fortune 100 in multiple industries. Currently, he divides his time between teaching...



Vern Bok

Vern Bok

Coach Coordinator
Cleveland, Ohio

Vern coordinates our coaches, from recruitment to training to placement with our StartNew teams.  He also leads our StartNew Panel, ensuring our StartNew candidates understand their assessment reports and are well-prepared to enter StartNew. Vern holds...

Addison Flournoy

Addison Flournoy

StartNew Coordinator
Chandler, Arizona

Addison coordinates Start New and is one of the first people at FiveTwo that Christian entrepreneurs meet when they begin our training process. She enjoys helping people reach their full potential and being a source of encouragement. She and her husband Nick...

Michael Nowicki

Michael Nowicki

Director StartNew
Orlando, Florida

Michael graduated from Concordia Milwaukee in 1983. For the next 17 years, he worked as a Professional Educator, Coach, Athletic Director, and Youth Director. During those 17 years, he served in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Florida. Starting in 2000, he began...

190122 Fivetwo Abigail Taylor

Abigail Taylor

Digital Strategy Director
Phoenix, Arizona

Abigail makes sure the digital content FiveTwo produces helps our subscribers and followers in personal, practical, and fun ways. She’s started and managed a private swim lesson business, which served over 60 students per summer. It entailed a whole lotta w...



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