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3 Coaching Moments That Clarified a Florida Ministry’s Vision

Jen and her team had the vision to begin a recovery ministry in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. Thanks to their determination, an initial setback didn’t hinder their commitment to the vision — in fact, it became an obstacle that drove them to a successful launch. 

Three lessons in the training became pivotal moments that determined the ministry’s direction. Read more about the team’s experience walking through the FiveTwo Business Canvas where they were able to clarify, equip, and support their vision to launch Revive Boca. 

3 Integral FiveTwo Coaching Moments That Impacted Vision

1. They Recruited The Right Team

When Jen and her team began working with her church to launch a Bible-based recovery ministry, one of the first people they approached to help lead them declined the offer.

At the moment, this felt like a setback. But soon they saw the bigger picture and how it directed them to FiveTwo training where they gained clarity and support. 


In addition to picking the right team members, it’s important to do the work of creating a team. It may be tempting for leaders to go it alone, but executing and bringing ideas to life most likely will require a team. 

Understanding the importance of team and commitment to solid leadership, Jen pursued other avenues that propelled her to the venture’s eventual launch. 

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2. They Tested Their Idea

Another pivotal training moment for Jen and her team included the process of testing the idea. 

“We’re so glad we were pushed to test,” said Jen, “because what we found in our testing was really an affirmation that people in Boca are really interested in this kind of recovery ministry.”

For this enthusiastic team, testing was a novel but critical concept that confirmed their value proposition. 


Essentially, it’s determining if this is the right idea to serve your mission before you invest too much money, time, or soul. After all, you can only spend a dollar once. By testing your plan, you can ensure the money is spent wisely. 

In FiveTwo’s experience working with more than 50 teams who have launched ventures all around the country, the “testing” step has triggered a change in the direction of many groups. In fact, after the testing exercise, 60% of them pivoted their plan to better fit their customer. 

3. They Mapped Out Their Next Year

Once teams have completed the first two modules of our training, it’s time to launch. But it’s not quite that simple, as you can imagine. 

As a result of our work with leaders and entrepreneurs, we’ve found that mapping out the next year of life for your venture will keep it on track. That includes:

  • Curating a picture of your long-term vision
  • Focusing your resources so you don’t overpromise
  • Articulating each step of your team’s action plan

In the process of mapping out the year, Jen and her team were especially appreciative of the wisdom shared with them by the FiveTwo leaders. 

“There’s actually people [at FiveTwo] who have done this time and time and time again,  telling us this is what to do and this is what not to do,” Jen adds. “I just feel very supported.”

This reiterates the power of not only your team but the power of synergizing with other teams and leaders and those who’ve gone before you. 

Receiving instruction and wisdom from others can save us all time, money, and energy! Instead of starting a venture with enthusiasm and then losing momentum, teams find straightforward solutions through FiveTwo’s coaching and courseware for launching successfully. 

Pro Tip: Sometimes, teams lose momentum by saying yes to everything. As a result, your impact becomes a lazy river instead of a laser, cutting through an obstacle. The solution: revisit your vision and make sure each “yes” gets you closer to that picture.  

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By walking through the FiveTwo Business Canvas and finding the right team, testing their idea, and getting valuable support and advice from seasoned leaders, the Revive Boca team was prepared for a successful launch. As a result of the team’s drive and execution, more people in Boca Raton will experience support, healing, and community.

With customized FiveTwo coaching, prepare to launch and scale your vision to serve your community with clarity and passion. Book a free strategy session here. 

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